Things to see in the Regional Park of Veio

Find out more about what to see in the Veio Regional Park, our hostel is perfect for visiting Rome and its surroundings.

The territory we are in is an enchanted place, comprising 9 municipalities for a surface area of 15,000 hectares.
Begin your adventure!
Immerse yourself in the 15,000 hectares of woodlands within the park
An enchanted place
Suggestive walks through the green heart of the Park of Veio, discovering ancient roads, caves and medieval structures, surrounded by nature, in a setting reminiscent of a fairy tale.
A naturalistic treasure of great beauty, the 4th largest park in Lazio, includes 9 municipalities within its borders. The park occupies an area that was once called Agro Veientano, controlled by the ancient Etruscan city of Veio. Hence the name of the park.

As many as 15,000 hectares of woodland, made up mostly of Turkey oak, poplar and holm oak, in the wettest environments you will also find beautiful alders and willows. Throughout the park, you can admire historical artefacts created by the Etruscans and Romans, which today are an invaluable archaeological testimony of these two civilizations. The site of the ancient Etruscan city of Veio and the villa of Livia are some of the most interesting archaeological sites to visit!
Via Francigena
The trails that lead
to the soul
The Via Francigena is a route of great spiritual and naturalistic value that crosses the heart of Europe. Born in the Middle Ages, this ancient route leads from Canterbury to Rome and then continues on to the main ports of Apulia.

Throughout the centuries, people have continued to follow it for leisure or necessity, and by now, it has become a well-beaten path, travelled by thousands of people every year. Four different countries, natural landscapes of stunning beauty, more than a thousand kilometres to be covered just on Italian soil... an unprecedented experience. The Via Francigena is something that at least once in your life you ought to give a try!
Our hostel skirts one of the last stages of the Via Francigena and is therefore the ideal destination for those who want to take a rest before reaching the final destination, stopping to contemplate the nature around Rome in an atmosphere of silence and peace only to then set off to complete the journey!

Your Eco-Hostel immersed in greenery, a stone's throw from the Via Francigena and the beautiful Park of Veio

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